Saturday, June 19, 2010

Grandma’s Marathon

The organizers say all the arrangements have been completed and they are ready to welcome runner. About 8 thousands of people have registered for Saturday’s Grandma’s Marathon and there have been no problems in registration process. One of the organizers, Scott Belsvik, said that they have arranged 6,000 pounds of noodles, 500 loaves of bread, a whole bunch of salad and 600 gallons of sauce.

Mary Akor, last time’s Grandma’s Marathon winner and a record holder, is back this year too with hope to win the race again. Last year, she participated in race with heavy heart as her dad was dead in Nigeria just before a month of race but still she participated in that race thinking the crowd would help her reducing her grief. It was last year when 33-year-old Akor made record in Grandma’s Marathon of winning the race for consecutive three years.
And this year too she is back but with another grief. This time, she has problems regarding her own health. She had to undergo a surgery for her fibroid tumors in her uterus but she postponed the surgery due to this race. Now, she will undergo surgery on June 25. Talking about this year’s Grandma’s Marathon, she said that it was one whole year since her dad passes away so, she wanted to take part in this race for him. Even though, she is not able to run to her full potential but she does not mean to win, she is just taking part for her dad and this race means a lot for her.