Saturday, June 19, 2010

Marathon man X 20

RUNNING a marathon each day for 20 days may not be everybody’s cup of tea but for staff and children at Anton Junior School, it was the finishing touch to ten months of fundraising for a brand new £160,000 studio.

Between 17 May and 7 June headteacher Tom Donohoe and teacher Jodie Williams planned to run a marathon each day taking them across the south of England.

The marathon challenge was successfully completed with them being welcomed back to school by their cheering supporters to congratulate them as the fundraising total hit a massive £180,000.

While the two teachers were running around the southern counties the children and other members of staff also did their bit for the fundraising.

They were all sponsored to each run a marathon (or more) by running a little bit each day for the three weeks on the school field.

“It was a really good and memorable experience,” said Mr Donohoe, who was running for about four or five hours each day.

“Unfortunately Jodie had to pull out from doing all the marathons as her knee went about six weeks before setting off.

“She was heartbroken as we’d undergone eight months of training together but she was determined to join in as much as her knee would allow.

“During the runs I had plenty of texts and cards from parents, friends, staff and family showing their support which really spurred me on as it reminded me what I was doing this challenge for.”

As well as Jodie, Tom was joined at times by others including his wife Carolyn.

Money was raised earlier in the year through pampering evenings, firework events and youth club nights.

“We’re thrilled we can now afford to build a new music, dance and drama studio as it really will be such a bonus for the school,” added Mr Donohoe.

“It will be available for the school to use during the day but for community groups during evenings, weekends and school holidays.”

It is hoped building work will start in January and the studio will be ready to use from Easter.

“If all goes to plan it will be used in the spring term for every possible group and club in the local community,” added Mr Donohoe.