Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Blog Roll - Dathan Ritzenhein

My Foot Fix?

It was very tough for me to have to miss the USA Track and Field Championships this year. The only solace I took from it is that going through the results many people did not run or didn’t do their primary event. Being a non-championship year, I think most people have tried to compete in off events, or have made some changes and tried new things. Unfortunately for me, trying some new things set me back and I was not ready to toe the line. I had hoped to have a more complete year but the injuries I have had did do one good thing for me. I finally have had to address the problems that have plagued me for years.

I am very fortunate to have Alberto and the rest of the support crew exhausting all means to get to the bottom of my injury history. There is really no place I could be that has more brilliant minds in one place to address this. It would be premature to tell you the things we have found because we are still trying to get everything exact, but I am very confident we found a couple of unique things that are causing my forefoot problems, and the exciting thing is that hopefully they are fairly minimal fixes, but they have to be done very precisely and constantly monitored to make sure we have it exact.

It is always hard to look at the bright side of injuries but we really believe that having this happen now was a blessing. In this non-championship year we were forced to deal with the problem instead of sweeping it under the rug, like in the past. I think it goes to show that it was nothing particular with Mark Wetmore, Brad Hudson, or Alberto that got me injured, because I had the same problems over and over, the only difference now is that with Alberto I have someone who has all the energy and resources to attack these problems. It is particularly exciting because I have had one real problem that has limited my career so far and if we can get this under control, I think the sky is the limit. With the work and findings that we have had so far, I am very excited to see the cure that we cook-up with all the experts Alberto and the rest of our support staff have put in place.