Friday, September 24, 2010

BERLIN MARATHON 2010 - Sammy Korir is back!


He was the runner, the 2003 world record from Paul Tergat allowed. The Sammy Korir Kejnianer urged his countryman to the finish and was at the end but only second, but at least it's second-fastest marathoner in the world. Tergat won the race in 2:04:55 hours and managed to be the first to run 42.195 km in under 2:05. Sammy Korir was a pace-maker at the start, but was sensational through to the end and just crossed the finish line one second later at Brandenburg Gate. Without the long leadership of Sammy Korir Paul Tergat, the first time probably would have missed at 2:05. It is that Sammy Korir, who again on Sunday at real, - BERLIN-MARATHON starts and would report back with a strong performance.
In the years after his great race in the real, - BERLIN-MARATHON, it was often not good for Sammy Korir and he had some bad luck. Six months after the real, - BERLIN-MARATHON he started in London. Together with Evans Rutto lying in the lead, both slipped out on a wet road in a curve and slammed to the pavement. The two were able to continue and in the end won Rutto, so that Korir was once again only second place. With 2:06:49 hours, he scored again a top times.
Sammy Korir repeatedly stopped after injury. He has recently been successful in even-numbered years than in the odd, perhaps a good omen for the real, - BERLIN-MARATHON could 2010th In 2006 he won in Rotterdam with 2:06:38 hours - this is his second fastest time to date and 2008 he won in Seoul with 2:07:32 hours after he was first run in Dubai in third 2:08:01 hours.
Once Sammy Korir started after 2003, yet the real, - BERLIN-MARATHON. Yet in 2006 the supposed 'great duel ended with the eventual winner Haile Gebrselassie (Ethiopia) prematurely. Sammy Korir gave up due to calf muscle problems. A year later, the Kenyans should actually return to Berlin, but a renewed violation problem stopped him even before he was to travel to Germany.
Since his fourth place in 2:11:57 hours at the Tokyo Marathon 2009 Sammy Korir is more a marathon run. But now he wants to report back to the race where he experienced his finest hour in 2003. "I have trained well and want to start a comeback," Sammy Korir said after his arrival in Berlin on Friday. When he was race director said Mark Milde, wanted to run in which group he, those who aiming the half marathon mark in 62 minutes, and world record speed runs or those who wanted to run a minutes slower, "said the 38-year-old:" I walk at the forefront! "