Friday, October 29, 2010



On Sunday in the 29th Frankfurt Plays the oldest city marathon in Germany starts should tumble records. By Friday were 977 messages before 11th According to Race Director Jo Schindler, the odds are so good that the stragglers from the previous record of 12 614 runners will be cracked with the. "We want to continue in the international comparison of the first in league play and make a step forward," Schindler said on Friday.

Last year's winner Gilbert Kilwa not start. Tadese Tola of Ethiopia for the "hunted" in the race over 42.195 kilometers (10.00 clock / hr ago). The Africans on Sunday celebrates his 23rd Birthday is continuously since 2002 and despite winning runner-armada of Kenya as a top favorite. His great talent he has for the first time before the victory in the Paris Marathon proved 2010 (2:06,41 hours).

The experts believe Tola, who comes with the recommendation of the victory at the half-marathon in Portugal four weeks ago, to well to break the course record of Kilwa (2:06,14). But the number of hunters is great. Equal to 18 starters come with personal bests under 2:10 at the Main - fewer than five were already under 2:07 hours.

Of the German men is far and wide to see anything or expect even after Martin Beckmann (Leinfelden / Echterdingen) is not arrived in time to form. But the club-mates Spergau Falk Cierpinski and Tobias Sauter go into the race. But for the winner's check of 15 000 €, another 75 000 for a time under 2:06 hours and 5,000 euros extra for the course record, the duo is absolutely out of question.

Also for the women's competition, the same doping and the motto "track record" when about 350 000 spectators are expected along the route. The Kursbestzeit dates from 2005 when the Russian Alevtina Biktimirowa (2:25:12) finished first stormed. Ethiopia's Dire Tune is the first candidate from a group of five women who have already run faster than 2:26 hours. The 25-year-old Tune was 14 days, half-marathon runner-up champion in Nanking (China). The additional premium of 75 000 € will be due at 2:22:30 hours.

"The strategy is to have a great bunch, in which all power and from which the finish may be able to sell two men two women, respectively," the sporting director Christoph Kopp described the efforts of the fastest times on the flat course through the city to undercut the goal on the red carpet in the hall.