Friday, October 29, 2010

FRANKFURT MARATHON - The pride of the Nations!


Between the skyscrapers Kenyans run against Ethiopians not only to win, but much more. It's about huge sums of money - and the pride of the runners Nations.

Christoph Kopp, the runner-scene a "knack" in reputed. Often enough the 62-year-olds trained eye or a quick chat in order to investigate, who the crowd of athletes committed by him for the Frankfurt Marathon winner question is from. His secret favorites from the African Armada received for years, the race number seven - and often striking is the chosen one unexpected victory, track record and stormed to a record fee. As last year, Gilbert Kirwa, the eighth Kenyan winner in a row.

Mindful of this year's number assignment is announced for tomorrow, Sunday (start 10 clock) to a changing of the guard to athletes from Ethiopia. The seven with the men Tadese Tola, 22 years, best time 2:06:41 hours in April in Paris, the women Mare Dibaba, 21, 2:25:38 equal to debut in Rome. Just as Dire Tune, 25, are the actual favorite (2:24:40 personal best), they bring good shape and lot of confidence. Tadese Tola celebrates birthday on race day, a victory would be the best present ". And he almost had a break with the Frankfurt history because he has entered in the 29-year history, only once an Ethiopian in the winners list (Nedi Dereje, 1984).

The runners with thin calves are reluctant to talk about the rivalry

Would it be so, the inner anger of the Kenyan elite would be enormous. Finally, it is the third most important German marathon, which could for the first time more than 13,000 participants to bring classical 42.195 kilometers, a lot of money: A winning time at 2:06 hours (men) or 2:22:30 (women) is worth 75,000 euros. to explore the rivalry between the dominant nations, difficult: "They are no ethnic divisions that open up there," says Kopp.

The runners with thin calves and narrow arms, even the most reluctant to talk about it. Also in Frankfurt, most athletes Hotel fumble nervously at the finger nail and press a few thin out phrases in poor English, when asked to do so. "We do not feel good if an Ethiopian is before us. This is a matter of honor "at some point declared the Kenyan Richard Chepkwony that starts without a victory chance. "Ethiopians do not run forward, they just use us," adds Daniel Chebii, a Kenyan pace-makers. Caroline Kilel, in the highland region between Kericho tea fields can-training Topläuferin tell a lot about how the Ethiopian women, she literally attacked from behind. "Their ladies throughout the race only run in my back, and just before the finish it before fall." In Toronto, they have therefore missed the victory last half marathon in Glasgow "I'm from the first kilometer running on ahead, so that they do not may follow. "

The Dutch athlete manager Gerard van der Veen compares the situation with the rivalry between the Germans and the Dutch in football. And: "The problem is, already, that the Ethiopians speak no English and communicate with Kenyans hardly," says the 47-year-old, who therefore takes only Kenyans under contract. "I need to communicate with my runners."

Kenyans and Ethiopians dominate in more than a decade, the marathon sector. More so for men than for women. In the financial world's best list are among the best 40 19 Kenyans and 17 Ethiopians. It is also clear that Haile Gebrselassie has contributed much to the rivalry. Every child in Ethiopia knows the story of his Olympic victories in 1996 and 2000 over 10,000 feet, except as runners duped the Kenyan competition.

Organizers have often had good experiences trying to get to the mutual suspicion of an ongoing mass advantage, which is fed from the inexhaustible reservoir in the Kenyan highlands Eldoret or the region around the high-altitude Ethiopian capital Addis Ababa. Here come from almost all the coupling has recruited for his first class occupied elite field. "The strategy is a great bunch to have that drive in which all and from which perhaps can issue two men respectively two women." The main thing, they run for him to record. No matter from what nation they come from.

Marathon and Victory Records
World record: 2:03:59Haile Gebrselassie (Ethiopia / Berlin)
European record: 2:06:36Antonio Pinto (Portugal / London)
Track record in Frankfurt: 2:06:14Gilbert Kirwa (Kenya)
Jahresweltbestzeit: 2:04:48Patrick Makau (Kenya / Rotterdam)
DLV Jahresbestzeit: 2:17:18Falk Cierpinski (Hall in Dusseldorf)
Boston (April 19) 2:05:52Robert Cheruiyot (Kenya)
London (April 25) 2:05:19Tsegaye Kebede (Ethiopia)
EM Barcelona (1st August) 2:15:31Röthlin (Switzerland)
Berlin (26 September) 2:05:08Patrick Makau (Kenya)
Chicago (October 10) 2:06:24Samuel Kamau Wanjiru (Kenya)