Friday, October 29, 2010

FRANKFURT MARATHON - Cierpinski junior and the other Germans...


At the Frankfurt Marathon are the black-red-gold hopes on the classic route at Falk Cierpinski. He may not put the bar on Main is too high. His great goal is London 2012.

Waldemar Cierpinski says in substance, that a marathon runner on a direct route to your destination never succeeded. This is certainly not meant, by any or 42.195 kilometers by secret branches are shorter to allow the traditional long detours, but simply the fact that on this route, only the Patient progress. "Who Marathon in the Elite section at the top will the need for seven or eight years and seriously train hard." The now 60-year-old was supposed to know: Waldemar Cierpinski is - even in the GDR Dress -1976 in Montreal and in 1980 in Moscow Olympic Marathon winner became why the GDR sports reporter Heinz-Florian Oertel days before all the enthusiasm the people in the East "in your face at this recommended to call first-born Waldemar.

Start moving in the direction of fastest

Between the two gold medals, the hero of that time itself has a son: born Falk, 1978. Father and offspring now travel to Frankfurt on Friday for the first time marathon, and Falk Cierpinski, 32, together with his colleagues from the Association Cierpinski, Tobias Sauter, 27, all black, red and gold hope on the classic route.

Of course, the duo against legged African Armada on Sunday (start 10 clock) can never win, "but a start moving towards best time I expect Falk," said Christoph Kopp, the sporting director. "A decent race, a good time," adds Jo Schindler, the race director, "that's a good sign." The demanding tone in their voices can not be ignored, especially since they did not fit that, Martin Beckmann canceled because of alleged mold weakness . Too often, organizers, coaches, sponsors or spectators this year have been disappointed by German long trek learning.

The hope of Halle an der Saale brings a personal best of 2:13:30 - delivered in Berlin 2008. Significant for a runner who hired himself out to 2006 only in the triathlon and duathlon. Meanwhile, Falk Cierpinski has since never gone faster. His pupil was in the midst of the changeover, says Waldemar Cierpinski, "2010 is a year with little intensity marathon-specific training. Our goal is London 2012 - and since we are only at half-time. "

Falk Cierpinski may raise the bar on Main not too high, a "conciliatory annual" he wanted, wanted a "factual race shows he and" not to go over, "lets you know the Halle. Too many negative experiences he had to handle last: bad stitch in the World Cup 2009 in Berlin, a pain about 2:22 hours, space 50, a persistent hamstring injury before the 2010 European Championships in Barcelona, cancel.

The soul needs balm

The father and coach, manager and mentor in one person wishes that his son "Motivation sucks for the extremely serious program in 2011." Three-altitude training camps are planned, one of the same in January in Kenya or South Africa, to "many, many miles at high speed . Waldemar Cierpinski will lead the German marathon as a whole forward, "the new national coach Ron Weigel I am advice." He will follow the event in Frankfurt on the ground.

When the B-squad athlete Cierpinski (annual funding € 500) his own Jahresbestzeit (2:17:18 in Dusseldorf) would significantly undercut that would be a signal in all directions. And if not? For this has to be borrowed in dealing with suffering times very steeled Bundeswehr soldier (Frankenberg site) has a motto of the football. "Like Oliver Kahn has said, 'Next, on and on." That's my motto. "Where the path may lead whatsoever.