Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Coach Larsen on Meb

Does it matter in terms of Meb's preparation for this race who is in the field and who isn't?

I think that last year was the best field that they've had up until this year, and obviously that turned out real well. You still have to run your race regardless of who else is in the field and Meb's best races have come when he's patient and he's run his race. He'll try to do that again in this race. It's a marvelous field that New York Road Runners has put together. If you take out any one or two people it would still be a very interesting marathon. We have to adjust a little bit for how good this is going to be. How fast the first half goes out can make a major difference in what you've got left when you come into the park.

Last year, did you truly believe deep down that Meb was all the way back from his injuries and could win a race like that?