Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Just do it

Mzungo says: Just do it. If you can't, you may find some advice here.

What's the best reason to date a marathon runner?
That’s easy: we’re hot, in great shape, and have stamina.

I'm totally turned on by the runners I see at the park near my house, but they’re gone so fast — what's the best way to pick one up?
Wait for a hot weekend, then set up a table with cups of water and pass them out. If a cute girl gave me water, I’d make a point of finishing my run near her so I could talk to her afterward.

Are there any stretches or exercises that improve both your running and your sex life?
Pretty much any yoga poses. I started going to yoga classes to improve my flexibility for running, but that's proven very useful in my sex life as well.

My boyfriend is a great lover until he comes, and then he can be super lazy. I don't want to interrupt his post-orgasmic bliss, but I need to get off too. Any tips from a marathon runner about making sure both parties reach the finish line?
One night, ask him to concentrate on not coming and letting you finish first. If that doesn’t work, call me.