Friday, November 5, 2010

Press conference: the last day

It's been a bit of a rough day at press conference HQs. The athletes praised the NYRR and all added rather bland statements. That is, until the great Haile and Paul showed up. To keep you entertained, we managed to organize a fantastic quiz for you. If you assign the below real (!) quotes to the responsive person, you win the right to brag about it until the end of your days. Good luck!

[1]Salina Kosgei - [2]Inga Abitiva - [3]Dulce Felix - [4]Edna Kiplagat - [5]Mara Yamauchi

[6]Gebre Gebremariam - [7]Abderrahim Goumri - [8]Victor Roethlin - [9]Peter Kamais

[ ] "I'll do my very best to run as fast as I can."

[ ] "I'll show the best that I can do."

[ ] "I am proud to race here and will do my best."

[ ] "Whoever wins here, has to put up a special performance."

[ ] "I am happy to be here."

[ ] "I'll do my best."

[ ] "I hope I can do something special."

[ ] "I will do my best."