Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Blog Roll: Ritz

Ritz blogs on COMPETITOR
Being an athlete, there are several key things we try to avoid–one being sickness. A cold can wreck havoc on ones race, or even season. After becoming a parent, I’ve come to terms that for the next five years, I am going to be sick 75% of the time from November to April! The main culprits are our two kids. Prior to having our son, I was rarely sick. Now with two kids, there is no escaping it. Before Jude was born, I averaged around two colds a year, but this winter I have been sick non-stop since Thanksgiving. Every week or two one of the kids gets a stuffy nose, cough, or sore throat and inevitably I have the same thing a week later. Before we had children, when a cold came around I was able to lock myself away for a few days, but now, having kids I just can’t and don’t want to do that. With two kids they play with each other and the slobber spreads through the whole house. My Mom, who is a teacher, said she was sick for the first five years from being in the classroom , and by now she has caught every mild virus out there, and rarely gets sick nowadays. Hopefully this happens to me too and in a few years I will be immune to most of the little colds. I’m discovering that for parents it is an inevitable fact that you will get sick, but kids are worth it, nevertheless. I have really been enjoying them lately as it helps me keep my mind off the setbacks I have had, even through all the snot, boogers, and constant sickness!