Thursday, March 24, 2011

Blog Roll - Andrew Lemoncello

I think I wrote a few weeks ago about I knew that if I just got through the training, whether it was good or bad, that things would turn around for me. The last 6 weeks has been tough for me as I haven't been able to run as fast as I know I can and that can lead to doubts about fitness levels, general capabilities and how things will turn around. Greg correctly predicted that I just had to do the training and come time to race, things will be fine as I already have two marathon training blocks in my legs over his past year. Fitness and strength doesn't just disappear. I am happy that I can finally look at a week of training and only have yellow and green days (The training diary is colour coded with how my body felt that day: Red = Bad, Yellow = Regular, Green = Good). Most of the last 6 weeks have been yellows with sprinkling of reds here and there.