Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Blog Roll - Dylan Wykes

A long overdue update, so there are a few topics I’d like to cover:

First, it was a very sad day on Monday May 2 when we found out that Danny Kassap had passed away. My heart goes out to Danny’s family and close friends. I did not know Danny very well but my lasting impression of him is of someone who was constantly smiling and optimistic. Even at last years Ottawa marathon, after he was forced to stop just a few kilometres into the race with an ankle injury he was all smiles and upbeat. My most memorable competitive moment against Danny was actually when we were in different races, but on the same day at nearly the exact same time. In 2008 Danny and I were running the London and Rotterdam marathons respectively, on April 13th. I can remember soon after finishing wondering how Danny had done on the other side of the North Sea. Funnily enough our times came out about 5 seconds apart. If we had have been in the same race we would have been battling up the home straight stride for stide. Danny was just off his PB and that was my first marathon, a good day for us both, I think. Danny will be greatly missed by his competitors and the entire running community.