Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Blog Roll - Matt Gabrielson

The time has flown by the last few months. Finally, finally the weather seems to be turning for the better and all the Minnesotans can get their vitamin D levels back up to where they were before winter reared its head last October. May and June will be busy times for myself and Julie.

Three weeks from tomorrow is the BIG wedding day. We will be married at the Peace Garden near Lake Harriet. This area is a favorite of mine in the Twin Cities Metropolitan area and if the day is sunny and warm then it will be absolutely brilliant. It hasn't really hit hard until recently that my wedding day is actually going to happen after nearly 33 years of waiting for the perfect woman to come into my life. Luckily I layed down major 'game' the night I ran into Julie and she fell for it. I cannot wait to be married to her...she is just an awesome human being. And although the costs of putting on one day of celebration are utterly ridiculous, I would not have anything but an open bar for people that would take time to witness our'll be a good time!