Thursday, May 5, 2011

It's Boogie Time

By Stephan Shay

Running is an all-encompassing sport. That is to say, it requires the full devotion and attention of virtually every aspect of one’s life... if you let it. I would like to believe that I am as passionate about running as the next person, but I have not appreciated a break from it as much as I have after my first post marathon training cycle.

After finishing up my extremely disappointing London marathon attempt, I felt a lot like I did at the end of my senior track season at Brigham Young University. I needed a break to regroup and reevaluate. Now before I go on, this isn’t going to be another over the top inspirational story of how to pull yourself out of a rut and put your big girl/boy panties on, so to speak. It’s more of a personal account of how I like to mix up the monotony of feeling sorry for yourself after you put 4 months of hard training into a race just to have it fall apart, leaving you to have to find your way back to the hotel when you are 6 miles away… but seriously, I'm over it.