Thursday, May 5, 2011

The Minimalist Movement

By Francis Gadayan

Although the minimalist shoe movement is relatively new, the idea of minimalist running has been around for quite some time. For years, these runners have believed the most efficient way to run is to be as close to barefoot as possible. The theory is that instead of externally bracing one’s foot with support, the most efficient manner of running is to strengthen one’s foot from within.

Although there is still no specific definition for a minimalist running shoe, the basic idea is that the shoe should be light, durable, and structured to generally mimic the experience of everyday barefoot running.

Prior to the development of minimalist running specific shoes, minimalist runners would instead have to make due using whatever was the lightest shoe currently on the market. In most cases, this usually meant going on casual runs in racing flats. Even though racing flats are appealing because of there weight, they still have a few features which make them less than an ideal shoe for the minimalist runner.