Thursday, May 19, 2011

We Are All to Blame for Wanjiru Death

There is no other simple way of saying this: the death of gold medalist, Samuel Wanjiru is a tragedy of great proportions for Kenya and for Nyahururu - certainly one that is difficult to put into coherent text. It wasn't a tragedy particularly because of the way that he died (tragic as that is), or because he was one of Kenya's top athletes at one point.

t was a huge tragedy because Samuel was 24 years old, barely a man and because in that time, he did not experience the kind of exposure and experiences that a man of his success should have been. Wanjiru, a man of humble beginnings, did not see the world - even though he could well have afforded to. Saddest yet, he did not influence his world - the locality that he lived in, the young people that he grew up with, the old folk who watched him sprout into a champion.