Sunday, December 21, 2014


It's Christmas time so get yourself something nice to read. I've read everything about running that's available on your local There were two books that stood out for me.

Matt Fitzgerald - Brain Training for Runners

While his training suggestions in the second part of the book are solid advice, you can actually stop reading after the first half. That's where the real stuff is. Forget about lactate thresholds, drop your heart rate monitor and learn how to hurt. Why? I'm no Fitzgerald so I won't even attempt to write about Noakes' theory.

Duncan Larkin - Run Simple

I love Duncan because he calls it what it is. He's not packing running in fluffy stuff to make it appealing to the data freaks or puts out dozens of varied training plans for the OCD among us. The only thing you could ever accuse him of is writing the book about something that - according to him -could barely fill a booklet. But someone had to do it. I'm glad it was professional writer like Duncan and not me so it's actually a very pleasant read.

My favorite review is the 2/5 he gets from a certain Alex Geller on Amazon: "The beginning is attractive. Minimize electronics. The rest of the SIMPLE is fairly complicated. The plans involve a variety of not so simple daily routines. Some of which have nothing to do with training for any run or especially a marathon. This is not a book that I would recommend to anyone who wants to start running."

And that's exactly why you - a seasoned runner - should consider reading it.