Friday, December 19, 2014


The last 20 odd years have been an interesting journey for me from a training perspective. If you would look at my book rental log at uni, it would show 80% rentals from the sports science section and 20% from law. Not ideal for someone studying law. I often wished I would have had the same curiosity about law that I had about training. In hindsight it was the perfect choice.

I went to a lightening quick transformation from trying strict training plans to adhering to more general rules because life got in the way too often. Plus, from the get-go I steered clear from coaches because no one else knows how I feel. By my mid 20s I was old school like a 50-year old, keeping it simple and just putting the miles in.

Given that this is neither a cycling nor a triathlon blog, I'll focus on what I learned as a runner. I didn't run growing up and got into it at 20 simply because I wanted to finish an Ironman, something that had fascinated me as a kid. I got hooked and was running as a triathlete but only became what I would call a serious runner when I was running out of time to put in 20+ hours to be a triathlete.

"Get to the fucking point", I hear you say. Agreed. Here are my personal rules to be the best runner you can be:

1. Run often
2. Run tempos
3. Run fast on the track
4. Run long
5. Race lots

Disappointed? You shouldn't be. Running is simple. Don't overthink it. While the above is stock standard, I abide to a few varieties of the norm. Those include the infamous FMP and 40-50k long runs. More on this in the next posts.