Saturday, January 24, 2015

Lots of good news (sort of)

I woke up this morning feeling like a 24-ton truck has casually rolled over me - and then doubled back for good measurement. 

A few moments later my stomach told me where the issue was: I must have caught a virus. My son Max was suffering from something last week so it’s probably just that. If you have kids in daycare, you know how it is. If not: it’s true what people say. There is no escape. I’ve been sick with one thing or the other for months now. It’s quite pathetic, actually. Let's see if he's going to push me around in a stroller at dawn tomorrow. 

Well, the good news is that I’m just completely flat and don’t feel like eating. For now this means that we can refrain from emergency slaughtering. I’ll take it like a man: whining a lot. Seriously though, I can handle the pain and suffering from all non-life threatening sicknesses unlike apparently many men. I can not handle, however, not training. Like you probably. The result for people around us is ultimately the same so don’t be too proud. 

Also good news is that I now know why I felt so absolutely horrible during my run last night (see pic above of my wife. Yes, amidst feeling absolutely flat it was still so awesome). I really thought I’m just that out of shape. Now I hear you say that I should have more experience than judging my fitness by one run. Of course you’re right. But: the previous runs after my 3 weeks off were all but glorious (not surprisingly I guess). So the very first race I had planned to do, an “XTerra 10k” (fancy word for offroad),  is not going to happen for me. With the injury, chances were slim already but now there’s no way I’m racing this Sunday.

But there are more good news: three days ago I survived a 10 mile run in 85F on concrete without pain. That means I can most likely participate at the San Blas Half Marathon on February 8. I expressively say “participate” and not “race” because I would be fooling myself. This is going to be about getting round in one piece. Could take as long as 1:3Xh on a very hill and hot course (4.30pm start in likely 85F).

All this is of course far from what I imagined it to be a month ago. My start into the new season was a small disaster. Maybe this virus at least works a little on my biopren. 

Today I signed up for the race fka Coogan's 5k on March 1st because the NYRR threatened me that it is almost sold out. Probably just another $31 down the drain courtesy of some mishap. But I take my chances for races I really like. If I can run, this is going to be a well needed effort before the NYC Half.

Lastly: how do you know you are in Puerto Rico? Your kid is coming home from day care with garlic breath.