Thursday, January 29, 2015

It's flats time

The stomach virus is in check so today was my first attempt at a track workout. No pictures so I dug out this oldie from Iten, Kenya because it has some communality with the track I ran on today.

Fajardo, Puerto Rico's track is much more modern than Iten's. It's blue and soft. It's actually too soft and melts to your shoes in the heat which provides funky blue soles. But like Iten, the track is surrounded by animals. Cows that is. And certainly lots of iguanas (very big ones).

Hot it wasn't though when I started the workout just before sunrise. You have to be up early in the tropics to merely complete a workout. Once the sun is up - boom! Forget it. But before that, we had a cooler than usual 70F and 90% humidity. It almost felt oddly cold.

Have you ever done a track workout after laying off for several months? If so, are you 40 or older? Yes, it's not pretty. Wobble, wobble. Thankfully I forgot my watch so there was no chance I could see the misery in numbers.

As far as track workouts go, I like it simple: bang out some 400s with 200 jog in between. Deek and I think alike here. The goal was to get at least five done (yeah, I know but you have to start somewhere) and more than eight seemed unrealistic.

After four reps, my injured leg (the left one because I'm right handed) started tightening up. After number six it was clear that I better step off.

So that's what we're at: a whopping 6x400 track workout.

I have to start somewhere.

It will get better.