Saturday, February 7, 2015

The heat is still on

That track session last week set me back again a bit. My right leg is still only 90%. Apart from a few steady 1 hour runs, I could only muster one 20 min tempo since.

It’s mostly because of the heat though. Even after 5 weeks I find running in the tropics very challenging. We have one absolutely amazing course out here just a 20 min. drive from our place. It’s on an abandoned navy base by the sea. There is still a bit of military left and also some construction going on but it’s mostly used for recreation. The whole area is about 8 by 4 miles. It’s huge. The coolest part is a road that leads over a small dam to an island where the navy used to hold bomb tests. No cars can get there because of a fence. There are a runner and a couple of fishermen that sneak past the fence regularly. And so do we.

The island is hilly and the sun blasts all out on it. Even early morning temperatures are at 85F. And that’s in the shade of which there is none. So most of my runs are just 60 minutes of getting it done. I’ll bring my camera next time to take some pictures. 

Thankfully, I also ride three times a week for 2-3 hours - and swim! Sport for me has always been more exploration than training. I don’t use any electronics and try to vary the courses I run and ride as much as possible. I’m sometimes (and definitely more in the past) motivated by achieving time goals in races but if my sport becomes pure training, I lose the fun of it. Running and even more so cycling have always allowed me to play with where I go. Swimming in a pool? Boring. Back when I was a triathlete, I diligently did my 4-5 swims per week, varying the workout as much as possible each time. For a few years I lived by a lake and swam quite a lot there, mostly in a wetsuit because it was the closest I got to experience the same freedom as in running and riding.

Ever since I stopped competing in triathlon, I completely stopped swimming. I make an exception if I am somewhere at an ocean that is 80F warm. Pure bliss. I'd every day.

Here in Fajardo is a public outdoor pool that is not used by anyone apart from two sisters who come in the morning. I know this because the pool has a sign in sheet (free entry). It’s beautiful (the pool, not the sheet). It’s warm. Yes, in that I swim again.

Sunday we’re heading over to the San Blas Half Marathon. I’m happy that I can run it but it won’t be a race for me. 

A 4.30pm (yes PM) start time is about the worst for me because I feel much better running on an empty stomach but it is what it is. I sure don’t mind the hilly course or the heat because they will make the race.