Saturday, April 18, 2015


Hope is not a good strategy they say. They are right. I was hoping to get a few shorter road races in but reality served me more of the same. Last weekend I was signed up for a 4 miler in Central Park but was out of commission due to yet another cold for three days. By Sunday I was in no shape or form to race.

It's just running but I was really angry for a while. With four weeks to go to our little race, I lack sleep and am generally stressed out. Next weekend I'm off to Bogota, Colombia for one of our World Tour bike races. You guessed it right: all that doesn't bode well for my running. I get two 60-90 mile bike rides in each week but the long ones result in two days of poor running. The general fitness is good right now but man am I slow.

So the next five weeks will be spent with exercising whenever I get a chance and being happy about just getting in a run or ride. June/July we'll be surrounded by hills and mountains so I bought a new toy: light trail running shoes. I'm considering to run a 54k mountain trail run in June because it's in the neighbor village of my "home town". The course hits the hills and mountains that I used to climb as a kid with my dad. It's a run that I had planned to do by myself for a few years now. Now that they run a race on this obvious course, it's hard to resist. Just like back in 2003, when I jumped into the MTB Marathon World Championships that were run on parts of that route.