Friday, May 29, 2015

Settling in

Gran Fondo New York race week was crazy and meant a week without exercising. Ever since, I've crawled back into regular exercise. Nothing worth talking about, just a few runs on the trails through the woods and a first track session (8*200m) which felt slow and sluggish.

Yes, that's a bike on this pictures so yes, I'm cycling. I really should post a running picture which I could because I am running about 5 times per week. I just never schlep a camera or phone with me. There is some running connection in this picture though because the road you see there briefly touches the trail now called Scenic Trail, a 50k run through my local hills here in Ticino. The race (run?) is scheduled to be held on June 13 and I have all intentions to give it a shot. Let's not hope I cop out or opt for the pussy version (aka 25k). Hopefully I can get Markus to come down here and run it with me.

If you click on the above link, you get to look at a dude in some sort of white spandex, tube socks and cross country skiing sticks. I'm not sure what he's trying to achieve with this outfit because he's not roller skiing to get ready for winter. It's what happens when you take a cheap sport like offroad running for which you don't really need anything but shorts and some sneakers and have a few companies find a way to sell useless crap to willing customers. Yuck.