Friday, August 7, 2015

It's August

July has been what June was.

It's August now which means I'm home in NYC and running more regularly. This first week has been about adjusting (my run timer has changed, see picture). I like westbound jetlag because getting up early is easy so I get to run with the early morning crew here. Unfortunately that won't last long.

I had planned to do my first ever Parkrun while working at a cycling expo in London for three days but I was too exhausted from standing all day. I did, however, get a run in every day and even a long one on Sunday, starting along the Thames and then along a canal (route no. 5 here). It's a good route but I wouldn't do it again on a beautiful Sunday. The tiny canal path was too crowded.

Before our flight on Monday, I ran in a moor park just off Heathrow airport which was a great route on trails through nature. Would be unthinkable in Newark.

I haven't been on my bike for 10 days which feels weird after riding lots for two months. It made me skip my morning run yesterday and go on the bike instead. I don't like my lack of focus when I do that but I also have a hard time to regiment myself too much these days. My key goal is to keep the weight down (I lost some over the summer). It will be key to a solid marathon.

I still haven't done a single harder or faster run.