Tuesday, October 12, 2010

MZUNGO MILE Duesseldorf, Germany

Ironman Hawaii race day 2010, dawn.

Nearly a dozen hardboiled enthusiasts gathered at that stunning location just south of Duesseldorfs Schloss Benrath where the Mzuno Mile Rhineland was going to take place. Dark blue sky, 8° Celsius, no wind, smooth tarmac: Perfect conditions for an ultra fast mile at sunrise.

It took Christian Frenssen just over five minutes to gain a perfect victory, leading the pack from start to the finish line.
The womens category saw an undisputed first place for Alexandra Dietz, who was nearly able to hold on to the fastest men.

MZUNGO MILE Rhineland: Pure running at its best, free and funky.
Next stop: Heidelberg, October 25.
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