Wednesday, October 27, 2010

MZUNGO MILE Heidelberg

Monday evening at sunset in the medieval town of Heidelberg. Six runners are gathering for another glorious MZUNGO MILE.

When the gun went off, three athletes immediately gapped the rest of the field. Running with ridiculous speed, the racers left flabbergasted tourists, drunk students and veering cars in their dust.

Kicking the hardest, Klaus-Georg managed to dip under the magic five minute barrier while Matthias kept Torsten under control who rounded out the male podium. Caroline took home a convincing win on the women's side.
Organizer Elwiz not only had the chuzpe to race himself but also filmed two sequences of this epic match. It will be downloadable for our premium members at the discounted price of $199.

Stay tuned for the next MZUNGO MILE. It may be just outside your front door.
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