Monday, November 15, 2010

Mzungo Mile - Neuburg an der Donau, Germany - 14.11.2010

Yannick Willemin for

Sunday, 10am. The sun shines on this late autumn day. Only a few people have found their way to the start line. Do the fast Runner fear the competition? No matter how big the starting field, the distance for each runner remains the same: 1 MILE!

As an organizer, I've decided to compete aswell. For me running is more than just a sport!

The starting line was marked with sawdust, the feet of the participants were standing behind it. At the start Robert ran off like a sprinter. In position 2, I could only see his back, taking care not to over pace early in the race. After 700 metres the course makes a turn. Here is also Dirk, our photographer. The route goes from asphalt on a paved forest road. The legs are getting stiff- the lungs are burning ... soon the finish is in sight. Sprint, 20m pitch and you're finally finished with the 1.609 km! The reward: spectacular views over the river Donau. Everyone is looking forward to the common run in glorious weather.

Some acquaintances and friends had agreed to help. So the goal was still talking about this and that. Michael, coach of TSV Neuburg had stopped the times. Cili, my friend, slowly getting the pulses down. We run back towards the starting area. There we expect apple pie and pogácsa (Hungarian specialty).

At the end there is a small award ceremony for the presentation of prizes. At this point, a big THANK YOU to all who supported me!

Thank you for join in and soon in other competitions!