Friday, December 10, 2010


If the mile was only a few inches longer, MZUNGO MILE racing would have seen a female overall winner in the ancient city of Ratisbona.
The 3pm start saw local Constanze Boldt leading the early chase after she barely made it in time from a 13mile training run. She was accompanied by Robert, second place finisher at the MZUNGO MILE Neuburg two weeks earlier. Both gapped the remaining field, racing along the picturesque Danube river.
Robert took the win at 5:41 minutes, closely followed by Conny at 5:43 min who gained back tremendously after fading a little mid-race.
The rest of the pack came in within two minutes. After the awards, participants sipped some delicious bread soup at the romantic christmas market located at Thurn & Taxis castle.

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