Monday, January 10, 2011

MzungoMile Altoetting: burying the old year in style

There are few better ways to end the old year than with a MzungoMile. At least that's what Falko and the lads in Altoetting thought.
The by now oh-so-well known icy and cold conditions asked for warm drinks at the finish. MzungoMile Altoetting CEO Falko did not disappoint and offered free tea and coffee at the finish in addition to a funky and luxurious Mzungo T-Shirt for the winner.
Some running drunks, however, called for Gluhwein to get their fix. While they probably had to kill their thirst at the next best gas station with cheap booze this year, Falko promised to provide top notch Gluhwein for the 2nd annual MzungoMile Altoetting on 31 Dec 2011.
mzungo says: we wish there would be more race orgnizers like Falko. Chapeau and thanks from us!

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