Tuesday, October 6, 2015

It's here

The cold, that is. Unfortunately, I can't remember an October where I did not have a cold. The good news is that it is mild enough and better now than a week before the marathon. I'll be off running for three days or so. And it does likely put a damper into my Rock 'n' Roll Brooklyn half this coming Saturday. I was planning to run it all out but at this point would be happy to have another FMP workout.

I say "another" because that's what I did at Grete's Half in Central Park last Sunday. Warmed up 6 miles with Michael W. and then ran a 1:23:20. It was a fun workout because David Alm gave me purpose. I ran up to him at mile 4 or so and made it my goal to pace him for the rest of the race. He had his highs and lows but finished solidly. I benefitted from running with him just as much because it was a welcome distraction.

Pic: that's David with me growing out of him. I tried to not ruin his picture but obviously failed at it spectacularly.