Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Yet another DNS

It's been fucking trying to say the least for the last weeks. A simple cold is not much to moan about but if it's followed up by a tooth infection, things are certainly crap.

I'm typing this with a tooth less in my mouth. It had to go and the procedure is painless thanks to modern medicine. It was quite creepy to listen to 15 minutes of someone braking your bones. Just be ready for that in case it ever happens to you.

I've been on Ibuprofen and Antibiotics for a few days now which is not something you take when you feel well. And if you don't feel well, how do you train? Exactly, you don't. I've been jogging a bit but needless to say that any serious training was not an option.

Bottom line: week 4 and 3 before the marathon were pretty much a write-off, including not running a half marathon after being signed up for one and then also the other. Not much left to do at this point so the goal is to get to the start line pain free and hope for the best.

Remember? Hope is not the best strategy...