Monday, November 2, 2015

NYC Marathon DNF

If you followed this blog, my DNF today will be all but a surprise. I didn't feel like running a conservative race (sub3?) because that's not my style and - after 40 or so marathons - I really don't need another sub3.

So I decided to run at a pace to go sub 250. Make or break - with little chance to "make". It didn't feel as easy as it should have for the first 12 miles and definitely not sustainable so I called it quits and jogged home from there. A death march was out of question.

With this, a year of blogging towards a loft goal ends with a DNF. Partially it's my own fault for not giving running the focus it needs to reach high goals, in particular at my age. Partially it was just bad luck to essentially miss out on the last four weeks of training. I felt sluggish and slow.

I hope there still was a tidbit here and there that was helpful for your own training and racing.