Saturday, March 12, 2011

Blog Roll - Andrew Lemoncello

Marathon Training Week 4

This week has been a good solid week and as has been the case for the last few weeks, I have been riding the ups and downs of marathon rollercoaster. I say roller coaster because, unlike my other marathon build ups, I am coming into the training this time with a lot less running behind me so I'm not quite strong enough to feel good most days. I know that time is just a few weeks away so I'm looking forward to that week. Its actually a good feeling of being tired as I know I am working hard everyday and still being able to run well on my workout days.

Monday had to be a pretty slow day for me coming off of the Sunday long run. I was initially supposed to run a fartlek that day but because everything had been pushed back a day last week, doing a workout on Monday was a no go so I would just wait until Wednesday for the speed work. I actually spent a lot of the day answering emails and going through training programs with the athletes that I coach online ( It always feels good to hear that your athletes are feeling good and getting stronger and stronger each week. A lot of them are actually training for the Boston marathon (one day after London) so we can relate to each other about how certain weeks feel compared to others. I'm pretty jealous of one of my runners who just seems to go from strength to strength to strength as he prepares for the Rotterdam marathon. It's amazing how his body is adapting to the training and I hope that my next marathon build up will replicate his (No bad workouts, never tired etc etc...I wish!).

On Wednesday we went down to Sedona for my first track workout in three and a half months. I left a little earlier than everyone so I could go through some extra warm up drills and stretching to get my body ready for the workout. It felt good to strap on the flats and get moving quickly again. Everyone else had 1km reps so I would be on my own for my 4*4*400m with 200m jog rec. I was to run 69, 67, 65, 63 through each set and I accomplished that pretty well. I could feel my tendonitis a little on the first set but after that it was gone. Having not been on the track for so long I was definitely running the workout differently to how I normally would. I can normally flow through the workout pretty easily as we never get away from the speed work but this time was definitely more of a grind. It did feel great to get through it and run at a quicker pace again. After warming down I shot back up the mountain to get my last treatment of Astym. Julie wanted me to see if leaving the tendonitis alone for a while and not continuing to re-aggravate with the treatment would help. I got home looking forward to a good nap only to be kept awake by our dog Finley the whole time. I was off my feet so I guess I was getting a good rest anyway.