Saturday, November 21, 2009

Blog Roll - Viktor Rothlin

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Since last Sunday VIKMOTION is every Sunday evening from 18:15 clock watch on TV. For Thomas and I are in the order of Helsana THE movement coaches in the new docu-soap "Easy Life" on SF1! There have been various protagonists decided zuwollen easier life.

In the areas of nutrition, stress and movement they are now supervised by competent coaches. Thomas and I ask all the protagonists together a personal exercise plan. We show them how to bring more movement into their daily life and wave every now and then once with the Mahnfinger if it be done as is often claimed too many cheap excuses.

With regular visits, we show them to new forms of movement or try to optimize the already popular Bewegungselementeim everyday life. The field of nutrition and Mental is maintained by other coaches.

The protagonists include the entrepreneur and bon vivant Hausi Leutenegger, a typical Swiss family with a few pounds too many, a badly stressed Italo-Swiss and restaurant operators, a nochmehr stressed-out mother of quadruplets, and the single from Stephen Strub Oberägeri.

Stephen Strub has set itself the goal to stay under beimnächsten Ägeriseelauf to 2h. This is really nothing special. Stephan is currently only weighs 172kg! From physiotherapy perspective, it would therefore prefer to me, he would be the Swiss Walking Event set a target of Solothurn. But we try our best to give him even with his ambitious valuable inputs. And who knows, maybe he even then it tumbles in Solothurn and can stand all! So strictly reinschauen, every Sunday evening from 18:15 to SF1 Clock.

Previously, incidentally, is still the VIKFEST 2009. Next Sunday will meet the members of my fan club to Bauernbrunch in my home village nucleus in Canton Obwalden. I look forward to welcoming the gathering. Unfortunately, the season review will be very short. But especially in difficult times, shows how valuable a good environment. This includes my fan club, not only in Erfolgunterstützt me.

Viktor Rothlin