Saturday, November 21, 2009

Face the book: Patrick Rizzo

First workout (after Chicago Marathon) back and Morgan destroyed me. I did 2x3 of his 2x6. I could not go any faster than 5 flat to save my life.

Additional Info

Date of Birth: July 25, 1983
Hansons-Brooks Distance Project start: June 20, 2006

Hometown: Schaumburg, IL

College: North Central College (Division III in Illinois)

Personal records: Marathon: 2:20:12; 10,000m: 29:38; 5,000m: 14:29

Events currently training for: 11.03.07

Miles run/week: 100-130

Why do you run? This is something I love to do. It's never a burden to wake up and "go to work." I'll stop running the day I stop loving it. Then I'll pick up something new that's addicting.

The best thing about being a Hansons-Brooks athlete? I get to answer the question of "could I get better?" I don't have to live with the regret of wondering if there was something more I could have done with my running. While I'm at it I get to learn some very valuable lessons from people older, wiser, and better than myself.

How have you improved since joining the Hansons-Brooks ODP?

When did you start running? I started running in junior high to stay in shape for wrestling. I had no intentions at the time of becoming a "runner." I thought I was destined to be a wrestler and the cardio would only help in the later periods. Then, I started taking it more seriously sophomore year of high school when my coach "lovingly" pinned me against a wall and basically told me that if I went out for wrestling again, I’d be blowing a good running career. I respected him enough to take that as a hint that he thought I could be a better runner than wrestler and took a year off to run for the winter--that started the addiction.

What challenges do you face as an athlete? I guess balancing being an athlete with being a son, uncle, brother, and friend. Never to let one aspect of my life overrun the others. A big challenge I have from a purely athletic standpoint is that I am ridiculously inflexible and regardless how much or little I stretch, it doesn't get any better. I can hardly touch my knees after a workout when I try to touch my toes.

What do you like to do when you're not running? I love to be around my family any opportunity I have. Around Rochester though, I like to play MLB The Show for PS2 and work on everybody on the team's vehicles.

Favorite event: Cross country! It may not be my strongest thing, but it's so much fun.

Favorite workout: I live for Sheldon Estates cut downs. They're a riot to run and you get a lot out of them too. There are no splits, just laps and you have to figure out how fast to pick it up based on feel. (For those who don’t know, Sheldon Estates loop is a grass loop in the Stoney Creek Metro Park that is about 3k around. The workout is to do as many laps as you can while still cutting 30 seconds off per lap. The first time you’re 29 or less seconds, you're out.)

Favorite pre- and post-race foods: Pasta and pizza. I like to make my own pasta sauce (or eat my mom's). Well pizza is number two. It's always available, so if you can make that work with your stomach before workouts, it takes out the question of what's available to eat before a race. There's always a good pizza joint within reach.

Role models: In running, my brother and my high school coach (both coincidentally North Central alums as well). They've set PRs that I'm still chasing. In life, my parents are very much what I look up to. Through thick and thin, they're at 30 years together and happy. I just hope I can be everything they have been for me and my siblings.