Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Moving on from not moving

I got ok over the 20k with little soreness which I tribute to my slow race pace. Tired I was, however, for the rest of the week (work was a factor as well).

The weekend after, I finally managed to get the 3rd biennial Bed to Beach done. It's a 24 mile run from my apartment to Coney Island. I had the coach and his driver with me which made it lots of fun.

On Tuesday, I did a progression run because I was mentally too tired (work again) for a tempo. A few hours later, just an hour before I travelled to Italy for one of our global bike races, I started having food poisoning. The flight was pretty awful as you can imagine. I had to pull myself together quite a bit when getting on the plane to not get kicked off. At the time, I didn’t know for sure what was going on so heading on a plane for 8 hours across the atlantic with fever and general ill feeling may not have been the smartest move. It had to be done though.

Once in Italy, it took me two days to feel ok enough to move. By then I had no time whatsoever because of commitments around the race and no sleep thanks to jet lag. Getting up at 7am local time meant 1am NYC time. I was able to do the race on Sunday but wasn’t 100% back to normal. Monday I dragged myself out for the first run in six days. Tuesday was an all-day travel day and alas another zero.

I’m definitely short on time to get more solid workouts in but it was never going to be a perfect race. The biggest challenge now will be to stay healthy, especially with a sick toddler in the house.