Sunday, September 27, 2015

Resting more

Resting more has become a reality for me as a masters runner. I need more easy days between hard or long runs. We all do.

Does anyone know where the word "masters" in running comes from? It's such a nice way of saying "old and washed up". As we age, we get wiser thanks to accumulated knowledge and experience. I did feel more masterful as a runner 10 years ago than now though.

Thursday Michael B helped me to a good workout. We did two continued "middle 4" loops in Central Park with the first four miles at 6:30 pace and the second 4 at 6:00 pace. Michael is training for Chicago and is in better shape than he has in a couple of years. I added a 2:40h long run today on still somewhat sore legs. Let's just say I got it done.

With about a month to go to the race, I feel like I get a better grasp on what's left to do. Tuesday or Wednesday I plan on doing a shorter, faster workout. The following Sunday I'll incorporate the 2-loop Grete's Half Marathon in Central Park into a long run. I plan to do an easy 6 miles followed by the half at marathon pace. Right now I see a 2:45 as a realistic marathon target so that's the pace I'm aiming for.

I plan to follow this up with a taper-ish week before the Brooklyn Half Marathon which I hope to run in 1:18ish. After that, there are three weeks left. I'm not overthinking what I'll run then. Anything will do if I - again - stay healthy.

The video: I like the atmosphere. Could be any small town marathon in the US. Add a fun camera perspective and a focus on the back of packers and you have great marketing.